Theory gets his old name back in WWE

since he was named new creative chief of WWE, Triple H has made a number of changes aimed at bolstering the company’s main roster, bringing back former superstars laid off by previous management, and changing the creative direction of some talent, such as Ciampa either Kevin Owensamong others.

Besides all this, Triple H has also decided to do away with certain rules imposed during Vince McMahon’s tenure., such as the controversial decision to change or shorten the names of some superstars. Without going any further, yesterday we were able to see how Riddle got his old name back (Matt).

And you won’t be the only one, PWInsider has confirmed that theory has also officially regained its full name, so that the fighter will be presented again as Austin Theory in the immediate future.

The idea of ​​shortening names originated in Vince McMahon, who drafted and issued an edict by which the talent could not use his real name or the one he had used during his career on the independent scene. However, like any rule, there were exceptions to the rule, such as Ronda Rousey, AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura, among others.

Meanwhile, in Riddle’s case, it was rumored that the loss of his name was due to McMahon not wanting the wrestler’s sexual assault allegations to surface if someone typed his full name into Google.

With Riddle and Theory getting their full names back, it is clear that Triple H has set aside the edict imposed by McMahon, which could mean more superstars reverting to their old nomenclature in the near was recently rumored in the case of Ciampa.

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Theory gets his old name back in WWE