The Undertaker says he will not come out of retirement

Will The Undertaker come out of retirement? The most important figure in wresltling, The Undertaker is officially retired and He talked about the possibility of coming back for one more fight.

The Undertaker says he would not return to have another fight

One of the legends in the history of WWE and wrestling in general is The Undertaker, his last fight was in wrestlemania 36 defeating Aj Styles in a Bone Yard Match, Until now it has been speculated if he would return to the ring for one more fight, however in a recent interview for Entertainmenttonight The Undertaker made it clear that he will not return and that his retirement is final, This is what Taker said:

“My days in the ring are over, it’s not because

I don’t want to be in the ring, that’s where I spent the most

part of my life, more than half of my life I have

past in the world of sports entertainment, in

my heart you know i want to be there but i’m at a point

in which my body can not meet and I do not want to degrade

the legacy of the character, I would hate for people to pay to see me

fight and at the end of the fight they feel disappointed. “

Day by day if it is possible for The Undertaker to return in sporadic appearances and speak to the public, but he would never return for another fight in the ring, The Undertaker has had the best of races and had a dignified retirement defeating one of the best fighters of the modern era like Aj Styles, In a class match never seen before, we hope to see the Undertaker soon at least to say hello and star in another interesting segment as a legend.

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The Undertaker says he will not come out of retirement