The Undertaker reveals what is the highest compliment for a WWE wrestler

WWE Legend The Undertaker recently spoke with the CW 33 outlet in Dallas to promote Wrestlemania 38. During the interview, the legendary fighter mentioned that the main objective of every fighter is to get fans to pay to watch fights.

The Undertaker talks about the highest praise for any WWE Superstar

These were the words of the undertaker.

“You have to be able to achieve two things. You have to get them to love or hate you for what you do. It doesn’t matter what it is because they are going to pay money. They are going to pay money to see you beat someone up, or see you get beat up, “said the legend.

Undertaker went one step further when he compared Wrestlemania to the Super Bowl. So the goal of every fighter should be to participate in the great event. With a streak of 25 wins and two losses, the undertaker said that headlining Wrestlemania is the highest compliment a wrestler can receive.

The greatness of Wrestlemania

“Wrestlemania is the equivalent of the Super Bowl in the NFL. You try your best to be on the card. After that, I think the greatest achievement is to be in the main event of a Wrestlemania, ”said Undertaker.

The Undertaker officially retired from the world of Wrestling at the Survivor Series event. Withdrawal that will be one year old this Sunday with the celebration of a new edition.

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The Undertaker reveals what is the highest compliment for a WWE wrestler