The Street Profits earn a title shot vs. The Usos on WWE RAW

The tag team champions raw Y smackdown, The Usos look for new challengers, The Street Profits are the ones who take the turn to be next on the list, for that must defeat the champions hand to hand,

The Street Profits seek to be the next challengers of The Usos

after finishing with RK-BRO to be crowned as WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, in addition to getting the new one out of the way duo of Shinsuke Nakamura and Riddle on SmackDown, now they are looking for new challengers and these could be The Street Profits in case they defeat them on Monday Night RAW.

The fight begins and the members of The Bloodline are the ones who dominate Angelo and Montez, command respect and they raise the index finger in honor of the tribal chief but their confidence is too much and out of nowhere they realize that their opponents have a battle to give, Street Profits attack them with a combination of physical power and aerial agility.

It seemed that Angelo and Montez had control of the fight in their favor and public support at the same time, however Jimmy and Jey focus and regain control by punishing their rivals outside the ring with and connecting incredible kicks with which they have them almost faded, even so Street Profits do not think to give up and rejoins the fight specularly.

Another accidental victory that The Usos did not calculate well

The action goes outside the ring and we see The Usos lost outside the barricade and without signs of life, the referee’s account is increasing and again Jimmy and Jey are careless since this reaches 10 and therefore, the winners are The Street Profits who get a starting opportunity vs The Usos, Riddle arrives to celebrate with them for this controversial result that the champions commit for the second time.

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The Street Profits earn a title shot vs. The Usos on WWE RAW