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To be referee in WWE it is much more than making a count of three. The WWE referee is the person in charge that everything flows in the ring of the most popular company in the world, and it takes care of many more functions than we think. We tell you all the details of what the work of a WWE referee is like.

What is it like to be a referee in WWE?

Refereeing for WWE is really like refereeing any other sport. If a wrestler does not get off the count on time or does not return to the ring on time, the referee will not follow the indicated script and the match will have a result based on what happens in the ring. Is order was given by Vince McMahon himselfWho considers that the referee is really the highest authority in the ring and that it is the wrestlers who have to be attentive to the development of the show.

Being a referee is not only that. They are the ones ensure the safety of the fighters and they carry out medical checks to decide whether to continue the fight or to stop. Something as simple as squeezing the hand of a wrestler and having him shake you back lets the referee know that everything is going well and that the show can continue. If, on the other hand, the fight has to be stopped, the referee is the one who does the X sign, an indication that alerts the medical services that there is a real problem of exit in the ring.

Referees are also the link between the backstage and the wrestlers. If the producers like fighting, they will add time to the fight, and it is the referee who receives this indication through the earpiece and who tells the wrestlers what to do. The same happens to the contrary, if the fight is shortened for some reason.

The checks they perform in the ring are real, they ensure that all csecurity components they are in order. If you have been to a WWE TV Show we will see that too indicate to wwe wrestlers the place where they should pose and the time they pose, coordinating with the production and the camera team of the event.

Did you know that being a WWE referee was something so complicated?

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The secret job of the WWE referee – Planeta Wrestling