The Miz wouldn’t have been backstage from last Monday Night RAW

As we know The Miz and John Morrison had a fight planned to the latest RAW show, However, The Miz’s absence changed plans.

The Miz wouldn’t have been backstage on WWE RAW

A week ago we witnessed the betrayal of The Miz to his partner and friend John Morrison, in the last RAW program it was planned that there would be a fight between the two of them to fuel the rivalry. However as we could see The Miz did not appear so Morrison fought against the giant Omos and lost to him, regarding the Miz, the last that is known is that he was not even present backstage this week.

The reason for his absence is unknown

The Miz was planned to appear, but in the end he was not even present backstage, that’s what journalist Mike Johnson from the PWInsider portal reported about The Miz, this is what he said on the aforementioned portal:

“For those who have asked, The Miz, who was

scheduled to fight John Morrison on RAW, he was not

present in backstage. It is unknown

why the program was lost. “

So far Miz himself has not made any statement or spoken about his absence, so we could be facing another case like Sasha Banks, Hopefully it is not a new case of Covid since that would mean that his rivalry between him and Morrison would be canceled for the moment, on our part we will remain attentive to any update

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