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The Miz betrayed John Morrison | During the sWW ERAW how of August 23 There was one of the most anticipated betrayals in the wrestling industry. The Miz betrayed John Morrison and it seems that everything points to a rivalry between them in the face of WWE Extreme Rules. Autumn starts strong in WWE with a rivalry between these two fighters.

The Miz betrayed John Morrison

The relationship between John Morrison and The Miz was in one of its best moments, but The Miz went crazy. Ambition to be champion again made him attack his own teammate this week on RAW. Xavier Woods has been the spark in a relationship that was already very hot. Not even the presence of Logan Paul in WWE RAW could calm the rage of The Miz.

The Miz was clear with his former partner John Morrison. The reason for the problems is that he wants to aspire to something more, and SummerSlam was a failure for him. Recall that their appearance was limited to a segment in the ring in which Xavier Woods shot them with a water pistol.

He should have been fighting for the championships at WWE SummerSlam. Instead, all that happened is that I was shot with a squirt gun.

In the coming weeks we will see the rivalry between these two superstars. Who do you think can win this rivalry?

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