The Hurt Business returns to help Bobby Lashley on RAW

Following Bobby Lashley’s challenge to try to win back the WWE Championship from Big E’s arms, tonight on RAW we will see the rematch between them and we will know if The All Mighty will be able to recover that title.

The Hurt Business returns to help Bobby Lashley on RAW

Last night in Extreme Rules, the show kicked off with a tag team match between The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs Bobby Lashley along with Aj Styles and Omos, the result was detrimental to Lashley’s team with a mistake made by Aj Styles After stealing the tag and then receiving a spear from Lashley by mistake, in this way Big E attacks and takes the victory for his team over Bobby Lashley.

The All Mighty is backstage furious about what happened and Call Big E a coward for the way he took the championship from him and the way the victory was just taken previously, so challenges him to a rematch on Monday Night RAW and Big E accepts the challenge to show you that you are not a coward.

At the beginning of the RAW night this fight opens the show, both quickly enter the ring without wasting time, after fighting tirelessly and ruthlessly, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin show up to help Lashley, between the two they start to beat him out of the ring and return him to Lashley to win the championship, The Hurt Business seems to be back.

The fight is not over

When it seemed that Lashley would make it but The New Day comes to the rescue of Big E and the fight is disqualified, Adam Pearce arrives at ringside to say that this will not end like this and that later the match will restart to end this once and for all, and this time the fight will be inside a Steel Cage.

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