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during the last few weeks WWE news They have analyzed the possible returns of the great fighters of the company. The truth is that it has been a great commitment on the part of the company to bring back the best female talent to offer the best possible fight at the PPV Royal Rumble.

Great comeback at Royal Rumble

fightful reports that WWE has been pushing for Ronda Rousey to participate in this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Bryan Alvarez later confirmed on Wrestling Observer Live that Rousey will be returning to pay-per-view. Alvarez said:

“I was told that Ronda Rousey will be at the Royal Rumble.”

According to the plans, everything looks like the WWE fighter who has been out for several months would be back in the company in style. The main plan was to have a fight against WWE Champion Becky Lynch at the previous WrestleMania. Given the circumstances, the plans had to be cancelled.

If the fighter were back in this edition of the Rumble, she could be the great favorite to win the test. Which places her as the main contender for the Raw championship. If the plans continue like this, one of the most important championships of the company would be covered in the great event.

The last time you had WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey within the ring itself it was in the edition of WrestleMania 35 being the main event of the night with the champion of the blue mark Charlotte Flair and Becky herself. The victory gave way to Becky 2 Belts and her great reign until she left the championship vacant due to her pregnancy. Ronda has already overcome her pregnancy and she seems to be recovered to return to the ring.

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Spoiler: Former WWE and UFC champion will return at Royal Rumble – Wrestling Planet