Shawn Michaels talks about controlling Vince McMahon in WWE NXT 2.0

Former wrestler of Wwe, Shawn michales, has talked about the direction of WWE NXT 2.0

Shawn Michaels discusses Vince McMahon’s involvement in WWE NXT 2.0

NXT gave one of the biggest surprises of the year when the brand was renewed and renamed NXT 2.0. Since then, the development territory has undertaken several changes to give the brand a new image. However, the changes are not being entirely well received by a part of the public who longs for the original style of NXT. Shawn Michaels has analyzed the situation of the brand.

The brand address without Triple H

According to the information, those in charge of directing the program are currently Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and Kevin Dunn. Previously, Triple H was in charge of directing the brand, however, after his heart ailments, he decided to take a step aside.

In an interview for the medium TV Insider, Shawn Michaels spoke about his involvement and that of Vince McMahon in NXT.

“People think it’s about Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard in production. They are just the ones who gave the direction of what they want from NXT going forward. It’s still Hunter’s team that runs things there, ”Michaels said.

In this way, Shawn Michaels confirmed that with Hunter’s rest, he is the maximum in charge of conducting WWE NXT 2.0.

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Shawn Michaels talks about controlling Vince McMahon in WWE NXT 2.0