Seth Rollins charges against WWE Raw: “A 3-hour show is obnoxiously long” | Superfights

It will soon be a decade since the announcement of the regular establishment of Raw like a three hour show. And although the drop in audience for this show was a direct consequence of such a decision, we must also take into account the low quality of the product it offers. WWE compared to previous eras.

Precisely on Monday Raw exceeded two million viewers, his best figure in a year, but back in 2012 it was an unremarkable number. Times change, it is often said, although it seems that WWE’s presence on American television remains unchanged, judging by the latest contracts it signed with NBCUniversal and FOX.


► Seth Rollins misses SmackDown

Taking note of the great badasses in the history of the business, seth rollins He now plays with his status as a character/person when granting interviews, which allows him to make certain assessments protected by «kayfabe». The last, the next trial on Raw before the microphones of Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.

“I think a three hour show gets obnoxiously long every week. Everything stretches out, you know, and you have to pack things in, fill in three hours of television. You know, it is so. so i think two hours is a precious number for a professional wrestling show. And I think this way it’s easier to make everything look a little more important..

“You know, when I was on SmackDown last year, I barely wrestled on television, and that made it seem like a big deal.. Look at Roman [Reigns]He barely wrestles on television, I think a couple of times in the last year. So when you have pay-per-view matches, they feel important. And on Raw I’ve had like 26 five-star matches in the last two months.

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Seth Rollins charges against WWE Raw: “A 3-hour show is obnoxiously long” | Superfights