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Santos escobar continues steadily on its way through the renamed NXT 2.0, as always, accompanied by Raúl Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde in addition to the latest acquisition of Legado del Fantasma, Elektra. Has clear ideas, create a legacy to be remembered for upon your retirement from the ring and for this he has a well-designed plan that he is strictly adhering to.

This week, Santos escobar, has been the protagonist of the podcast of the member of the Hall of Fame Sean Waltman Pro-Wrestling 4 Life and he has revealed some of those details that he jealously guards and that can make him great once he makes the leap to the main cast.

Legacy of the Phantom in NXT

► When would you like to go to the main cast?

«I feel like I’m ready. If you had asked me this a year ago I would have told you that I needed more time because you know that I like to comply with the traditions, my legacy and my culture, the culture that runs through my veins and that I carry in my blood since my ancestors; the part of business that I carry in me told me that I had to stay longer in NXT, learn more and be a better fighter for when the opportunity comes which can be any day of the week at any time.

«Can I get more things in NXT? As long as I’m there I want it all, I want everything they put in front of me. If they bring us all to SmackDown, we’ll be ready, not just ready but we’re starving. It’s our business mindset. We want to be the sensation not only for our Latin fans but also for the rest of the WWE universe since we can and know how to give 100% of ourselves every night. I feel prepared. If they want me here, I’ll tear the place apart; if they take me to Raw or Smackdown also because I am prepared.

► And who would be your first target on Raw or SmackDown?

«Right now we have a lot to do in NXT but if that happened I would like to have a good story with Mistery King. It may sound like a cliché but I would very much like to work with Rey, it would be very important to me. I consider myself the Emperor of Lucha Libre and I know that he would also like to work with me. We already did something together in Mexico and in Lucha Underground. It would be magical and very good for the business and for Dominik too. Why not? I am the second generation of fighters and history writes itself. That is something I would love to do but I would also like to face The Bloodline with my boys and Elektra. It is very in line with us, the family, the tradition, the roots and the sacred part of what we do to figure out who is the best leader.

Santos Escobar vs. Carmelo Hayes
Santos Escobar vs. Carmelo Hayes

Next Tuesday we will see Santos Escobar in action when he faces Isaiah Swerve Scott in the stellar fight for the North American Championship, will he be able to complete his next challenge?