Sami Zayn may not appear at Crown Jewel 2022

sami zayn is going through one of the best moments in his career after he managed to join The Bloodlinesand be “recognized” by the very Roman Reigns. However, due to its differences with jey usean eventual betrayal could be generated, despite the fact that people do not seem to be prepared for this situation and the fighter himself has commented that “is enjoying” this story.

The Bloodline WWE RAW October 10, 2022

► Ancestry of Sami Zayn would prevent his presence in Saudi Arabia

Members of The Bloodline have been in open rivalry with Logan Paul, who will face Roman Reigns this Saturday at Crown Jewel, which will take place in Saudi Arabia. Having said that, it is possible that Sami Zayn will probably not appear at the eventdespite being an important part of the group and one of the best in the company today.

Dave Meltzer addressed the issue in the recent Wrestling Observer Radio, confirming that Sami Zayn will most likely not be at the event. The renowned journalist pointed out that the company did not want him there before, so it is very unlikely that this will change, due to a political issue.

«I don’t expect to see Sami Zayn there. No one has specifically told me he’s not going, but he’s never been before and they didn’t want him before, and I don’t know if that’s going to change. He’s the most entertaining guy, who knows?”

Sami Zayn Roman Reigns
Sami Zayn was accepted by Roman Reigns. (Photo: WWE)

Sami Zayn is of Syrian origin, and his charity Sami For Syria does a lot to help those people in terms of medical accessibility. Saudi Arabia and Syria disagree politically, and this was reason enough in the past for Saudi Arabia to request that Zayn stay home, so It is possible that this will continue this weekend, despite how entertaining and decisive it is today for The Bloodline.

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Sami Zayn may not appear at Crown Jewel 2022