Ronda Rousey wants the WWE Tag Team Championships

UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rouseywhich will face charlotte flair in a title fight in WrestleMania 38confessed his desire to pursue the WWE Tag Team Championships with an old friend.

‘Rowdy’ Ronda wants to be Champion with Shayna Baszler

The winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble will face ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair in the main event of one of the two nights of WrestleMania 38 (April 2 and 3) in a fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship; despite this, With everything involved in preparing for a fight against the most decorated woman in WWE history, Rousey revealed during a recent stream that she already has her sights set on another medal: The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. worn by Carmella and Queen Zelina.

“I want it that way too” Ronda responded to a fan who commented that he wanted to see her being Champion alongside Shayna Baszler. “I want so much to be able to team up with Shayna guys, just ask online endlessly. They (WWE) look at that shit.

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler have a great story behind

During the Royal Battle fight in which Rousey achieved her impressive victory we could see her team up for a few seconds with ‘The Queen of Swords’, this because Both have a great friendship that could translate into a very powerful force in the WWE ring.

The two athletes met for the first time in the territory of the UFC, being half of the Four Horsewomen of mixed martial arts.. Now that Ronda has returned to World Wrestling Entertainment, it may be that Join forces with your friend and colleague to get the Championships:

“Shayna and I should be tag team champions. Guys, make this a trend, they’ll pay attention. Keep asking for it, they look at social networks.” Said the former RAW Women’s Champion.

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Ronda Rousey wants the WWE Tag Team Championships