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During the last hours there have been many rumors and WWE news who have pointed to WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey has been upset because she was promised to be the main event of this great event WWE WrestleMania 38. But in the end, since Stone Cold was the protagonist of night one, several reports related that Ronda left before Friday’s program and was not in the hall of fame.

Ronda responds to rumors about her possible anger

During his WrestleMania recap on, Bryan Alvarez stated the following:

“This is the deal for those who want to know. So on Tuesday, Ronda was giving an interview and she said that she was going to be the last one, that she was the main event. On Monday, Kevin Owens said I’m the main event. Ronda thought it was going to be the last. She wasn’t, the Kevin Owens show was going to be her last. When she found out, she was furious, they told me. A person who knows her, so I guess this is true, she said that she was so mad yesterday, Friday, that she left to not be in the Hall of Fame. Cool heads prevailed, I guess, and she showed up today.”

Ronda wanted to answer the rumors by saying the following through her social networks:

«I don’t know where these ‘reports’ come from, but it was an absolute honor to perform with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania in Texas. I wasn’t in the hall of fame because I have a six-month-old baby. go to bed early. People are literally creating drama out of nothing.”

The most relevant fact was that in her fight she did not come out as the champion but it was established so that there would be a rematch after spearing the referee. The fighter herself explains the reality that she lives with a daughter of just over six months. She has denied information from various media that related him to a possible anger with WWE.

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Ronda Rousey responds to rumors about her possible anger after WWE WrestleMania 38 – Wrestling Planet