Roman Reigns defeats John Cena at WWE SummerSlam 2021

Roman Reigns has defeated John Cena at the main event of WWE’s summer show, SummerSlam. With this victory, Roman Reigns has retained the Universal title of the company and he is now on WWE SmackDown.

Roman Reigns retains Universal title at WWE SummerSlam by defeating John Cena

In a great match worthy of a pay-per-view closure like WWE SummerSlam, Roman Reigns has defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Universal title.

The fight had a few bars where John Cena tried to surprise Reigns with several packages but the accounts only reached one or two. After this Roman Reigns dominated the fight and it seemed that he was going to take the victory but Cena endured all the attacks that the Tribal Chief launched.

John Cena regained his strength and was about to achieve victory after a super reckoning from the third rope but the account only reached two to his astonishment and that of the public.

After several exchanges of false endings, There came a time where Roman Reigns managed to connect two superman punch in a row and after his dreaded Spear to take the victory after the count of three and retain the title.

John Cena looked really good in the fight and even though he couldn’t win the championship he has shown that he is really in very good shape.

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