Roman Reigns admits he went ‘blank’ during his promo with John Cena

Roman Reigns was the guest of the last edition of the Logan Paul podcast “Impaulsive”, where he discussed his career as a professional wrestler, as well as his biggest rivalries and his problems with leukemia. The interview had a very pleasant atmosphere until the WWE Unified Champion had to talk about his illness problems and a promo that changed the perception of his business.

We talk about the promo that starred with John Cena on August 28, 2017 on Monday Night Raw. At one point in that promo, Roman Reigns forgot his part of the speech and John Cena threw it in his face. Logan Paul tried to find out what happened at that moment because he remembered perceiving that Roman Reigns had forgotten what to say and most of the comments that were read on the Internet agreed.

“I think being in that position and going through that experience made me better. I don’t want you to think that (changing the chip) was something specific to John Cena because I have learned from everyone, since I try to grow with everyone I work with and I have worked with many, “said Roman Reigns, who tried to make the fans understand present that this was really a great experience, although it was one more on the way.

Logan Paul confirmed that he did not expect the kind of pain he has suffered in WWE before deciding to enter the business and Roman Reigns explained that a fighter is not like working in ballet or dealing cards, it is something harder, despite the ‘fiction’. Reigns named several fighters who are more difficult to work with in that aspect because the matches are really more physical and the body suffers the consequences.

“If the pain becomes too real then the acting becomes awkward and you can say there’s no chemistry or flow, there’s art to come in. However, you’re going to be working with different wrestlers who have different styles, so sometimes You’re going to have to take pain. If you’re going to face guys like Sheamus, Drew or Brock… if you’re going to be in the ring with one of those guys, the touch a lot of times isn’t the same, it’s a little stiffer, rougher than it usually is and you are marked”, Reigns commented. “There are people there like Seth Rollins who are super solid on a technical level and very sharp with their movements.“.

Roman Reigns also talked about Paul Heyman, who considers him a very important person in his learning, not only in wrestling but in life itself. Reigns pointed out that it was difficult for Heyman to work with a fighter other than Brock Lesnar after all his history and indicated that only he was a viable option for him to perform the role of manager with another fighter other than The Beast.

WWE would not have bet on another option“Reigns mentioned. “Otherwise he would have stayed behind the scenes helping the board. But when he found out, he said ‘I’m going to be with Joe, all right, alright‘. I’ve been learning from Paul before appearing with him on screen. He has been with my family for decades, before I entered the business. I have learned from him not only things about the fight, but about the business or even things like being a father. There are many things you can learn from Paul Heyman given his vast experience in life and in the business, where he has been at the top for so long as a promoter, talent or manager. It’s hard not to learn from someone like him.”

Roman Reigns also talked about The Rock and the possibility of facing him at WrestleMania 39, although he did not want to go into the matter beyond confirming that it would be something incredible.

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Roman Reigns admits he went ‘blank’ during his promo with John Cena