“RK-Bro wasn’t supposed to last that long” – Former WWE Champion | Planet Wrestling

One of the biggest groupings in the red brand is that of the tag team champion Riddle against the 14 times world champion as is Randy Orton. In the successful product that the company broadcasts on the USA Network, they have found the key in a formation that has given many joy to all the fans.

A group that does more than sell merchandise and put on a show by attracting new fans to see what happens week after week. But this is not the only fact, recently they have been crowned as new champions in pairs giving a prestige to the championships that they had not achieved before.

The wrestler himself talking to Ariel Helwani of BT Sport , analyzed the current situation especially what happened in the RK-Bro couple. A way of seeing how one of the protagonists who most wanted to join the legend of the world of wrestling and one of the most veteran in the Raw roster.

“Years ago, I was a huge Randy Orton fan, I played video games, I watched the product. I always wanted to accompany him, fight with him, do anything. Now on the main roster, I was the United States Champion and Randy had his thing with The Fiend at the time, so we weren’t really crossing paths. At WrestleMania, I lost the title, and even before I lost the title, I said to Randy and a couple of people, ‘How cool would it be if we formed a team? We can call ourselves RK-Bro. Like the O, but bro. A lot of people laughed like, ‘Yeah that’s a stupid idea hahaha’. The next night on Raw after WrestleMania, Bobby Lashley hit me. He smoked me. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I lost my title in Mania, I was defeated by the World Champion. The following week they told me, ‘You’re fighting Randy Orton.’ I was like, ‘No way.’ I got the victory, I earned their respect and RK-Bro was formed,

The fighter wanted to be sincere in the interview and make it clear that right now he is happy with his current situation in the company. A new experience for the fighter who has already won his second world title within the company. The first was that of the United States and now that of couples of the red brand, Raw.

“A lot of times when you say things to the writing team or just in general, they might not say, ‘Oh yeah, let’s do that idea,’ but if you’re talking to people and socializing and you think, ‘How cool would this be? Can you imagine it? ‘ Suddenly, you see it on the show. I realized that and I think this is how RK-Bro started. We started off hot, selling merchandise, killing him, and then Randy took some time off, had to recover. I got up and took care of a few things. I was a little concerned because I didn’t know if Randy was just carrying it or if people were interested in me. For two months, I kept RK-Bro going and when Randy finally came back, I was so excited. He hit me with the RKO, but I earned his respect.

Finally, he wanted to analyze the impact among the fans of the team that is attracting the most attention within WWE. If his fight was the opener of the hottest event of the summer, it was not by chance. They wanted to make a big impact among the spectators who enjoyed the event live.

“It’s crazy, you think about how it started, it’s like, ‘What fun would it be if we were RK-Bro’ and then we do it and the story and that’s the thing about wrestling. You can launch it, but you never know who the next big event will be or what will attract a massive audience. When RK-Bro started getting legs and taking off, because it wasn’t supposed to last that long, not at all. Randy was probably supposed to win, but people loved him so much and just accepted it. I’m glad, Randy is happy. He is extremely happy. We work well together and enjoy each other’s company. I enjoy Randy’s company. Deep down, I think he also enjoys my company. We make work easier for others. We push ourselves and at the same time we rise. He knows that I bring it.

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