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Riddle and Randy Orton won the Raw Couples Championship at SummerSlam 2021 defeating AJ Styles and Omos. The RK-Bro took a big step forward in their alliance by taking the title when they really have been together for a very short time; and until recently it was not even clear to “La Víbora” that he wanted to work so closely with “The Original Bro”. In fact, jokingly, many pointed out that his weeks away were given to wanting to take a little break from the effusiveness of his new best friend.

► The victory of Riddle and Orton in SummerSlam 2021

Randy Orton and Riddle are the new Raw SummerSlam 2021 Tag Team Champions

Win a championship, along with a WWE legend, in one of the most important PPV of the year, defeating another legend like “The Phenomenal One” … There are plenty of reasons why for Riddle this was a special victory. Even that it is the second belt he has since his rise to the main brands; remember that in Elimination Chamber 2021 won the United States Championship that ended up losing at WrestleMania 37. But let’s see what the “Bro” had to say in a recent interview with CBS Sports:

I feel pretty good, you know. I feel even better that it happened at SummerSlam in front of 51,000 people, breaking records for merchandising and everything in between. Not only did I become a Raw Couples Champion, but I did it with my best brother, my best friend, my stud buddy, Randy Orton.

«For me, it has been a wonderful and surprising journey. SummerSlam, with all the people and merchandise and seeing RK-Bro T-shirts everywhere. It was crazy, bro. It was amazing. I was sick. It was great”.

Tonight we wait for all of you in the coverage that we bring you in Super fights like every Monday of the program WWE Raw, in which Riddle is expected to continue not only his alliance with Randy Orton but also his rivalry with AJ Styles and Omos in the face of perhaps a rematch for the Red Brand Couples Championship at Extreme Rules 2021.

Randy Orton y Riddle en Raw WWE
Randy Orton and Riddle on WWE Raw