Ric Flair gives his opinion on the current championships in WWE

The member of the hall of fame Ric flair has spoken recently about current WWE championships giving your opinion about it, Flair thinks the current championships are undervalued.

Ric Flair thinks current WWE championships are undervalued

Ric Flair usually gives his opinion on the quality of the product of the Wrestling nowadays and he has every right to do so being a veteran of such sport, the hall of fame member often talks about the WWE material and he has done so again and this time he talked about the current championships.

In the latest edition of his podcast WOOOO Nation Uncensored, The Nature Bou revealed that for him the current WWE championships have been losing prestige and are devalued, this was what Flair said on his podcast.

“I think they do devalue, but let’s look at the world we live in today, do you remember the Presidential Council on Physical Fitness to find out who was the fittest kid in high school? They got rid of that because everyone wants to be the same. Instead of having 3 approaches, now there are 6 points to look at in professional wrestling. “

On how they have been devalued

“Everything is devalued, either because mothers don’t want to see their children upset, and they all end up with a trophy. Sport is not that and I think that, as there is so much television, they have put themselves in the position of having to create the king and queen, and all that. But the people who carry the weight of the company, I will use WWE as an example, it would be Becky and Big E (now Brock Lesnar), since they are the champions. Also Charlotte and Roman Reigns. Everything else is just something that doesn’t detract from what it is, but it’s just something that will hopefully attract viewers. Television rolls, and they know better than you (referring to Mark Madden) and I why they are there… because they attract viewers. “

Probably something that has a lot to do with it is the relevance given by the title holder and the handling it has, This is how Flair has pointed out with his words, current top champions Roman reigns as universal champion and Brock Lesnar as WWE champion they command a lot of respect, but with the others you would have to work on the way in which they sell their character.

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Ric Flair gives his opinion on the current championships in WWE