Ric Flair criticizes the segment between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins in WWE RAW

In the past RAW we heard strong words between opponents seth rollins Y Matt Riddle, the legend ric flair has criticized WWE for crossing the line touching personal issues like the divorce of the Original Bro.

Ric Flair expresses his annoyance with WWE for involving Matt Riddle’s personal issues

In the last Monday Night RAW before the great Clash at the Castle event, the Original Bro and Seth “Freakin” Rollins had one last word exchange before his great fight, since they couldn’t be close to each other the face to face was virtually, but the final moments Rollins crossed the line and to defend himself from Riddle’s insults with which Becky Lynch is the man of the family of the visionary, this brought up the subject of the recent divorce from Matt Riddle which made him quite angry.

A legend who was aware of this segment was The Nature Boy Ric Flair who expressed his disgust about it, In a recent edition of his To Be The Man podcast Flair lashed out at WWE for putting Matt Riddle’s personal issues about his divorce which is something that happened not long ago, this was what the veteran said in the aforementioned portal.

“You know how I feel about personal things, I mean, Eric used to say things about me and mention my personal life, I didn’t like it back then and knowing full well that Matt Riddle can beat Seth Rollins, I don’t like it. , if they went backstage, you and I know what would happen. Hell, Matt Riddle isn’t afraid of Brock, so I don’t know how I feel about these personal comments.”

Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins have been waiting for their meeting for quite some time, they couldn’t have it at SummerSlam, but finally this Saturday in Cardiff they will be able to download all the anger they have accumulated towards each other.

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Ric Flair criticizes the segment between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins in WWE RAW