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During the Monday Night RAW episode On October 22, Queen Zelina and Carmella defeated Nikki ASH and ‘The Nightmare’ Rhea Ripley to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Rhea Ripley’s stolen title appears on a Facebook marketplace

However, before that, Rhea Ripley had lost her Title during a live show, so Vince McMahon’s company was forced to replace said Presea so that Ripley could appear at the shows accompanied by the gold.

Specifically, on October 17 Rhea confirmed the loss on her Twitter profile, where he explained that his suitcase containing all his equipment and his Championship had disappeared:


My MosherZ from Albuquerque, I know this is over the top, but if any of you have seen a black travel bag on Office Boulevard and Montaño rd, grab it and let me know. He has all my gear, including my title. Health!”. Wrote the ex-Champion.

For the past few months, attempts have been made to track down Rhea’s belongings without success; Despite this, a few hours ago Twitter user Dan Beltzer reported on his profile on that social network that he had found what appears to be Rhea’s Title for sale through Facebook. Dan wrote that the author of the post deleted it shortly after and does not respond to messages:

“It seems that Rhea’s missing suitcase and Championship have turned up and the idiot tried to put it up for sale in my group. He removed this shortly after and is not responding to messages. “

The sale post (with some improved wording) reads as follows:

“Authentic, real, one-of-a-kind WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship by Rhea Ripley. Very rare to find, ready to be part of your collection. Make your offer. “

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Rhea Ripley’s stolen title reappears – Planeta Wrestling