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During the last weeks, there has been a lot of news from WWE regarding the current status of the former women’s tag team champions. the red mark WWE Raw. The truth is that there is no way in which they can find an opportunity because they are truncated in their passage through the company.

Moment in which everything is stolen on the trip

An awkward moment for anyone. Is what happened to former WWE Champion Rhea Ripley. Current fighter on the Raw roster who on a trip to be in a live event had her travel bag stolen. An uncomfortable situation in which the fighter herself asked her followers that if they found him, they would notify him since the belts were inside in pairs.

The fighter had time to answer a series of questions to the media and recently sat down with Alistair McGeorge from Metro.co.uk to discuss a variety of topics. One of them was mainly the theft of the travel bag and that experience will have more details.

“Everything! It was a fluke, ”said Rhea Ripley. “We were driving, I heard a noise and I thought, ‘What was that?’ Then I heard it again and the trunk was open. I don’t know how it opened, but I know I closed it! Then somehow it opened, my suitcase fell out of the car. We only drive for five minutes and get back around three. times and was nowhere. I thought it would be on the side of the road somewhere, but someone must have picked it up. And someone is enjoying Rhea Ripley’s really sweaty clothes. I hope they washed it. I was really so sweaty! it was disgusting. “

At which point Damian Priest was able to lend her some clothes to get out of trouble and avoid the traumatic situation caused by the theft of her travel bag.

“Losing all my stuff – legit, I have a pair of pants. One pair of pants, that’s all I had, ”Rhea Ripley admitted. “So, losing that and losing the title, and having to wear Damian Priest’s pants, and they fit me better than him… It was hilarious! I remember I put them on and went out, and they fit me well. He’s like, ‘I hate you!’ Everyone who passed me said, “Wow! Didn’t we realize you had another pair of pants? ” They are not my pants! [Risas] “

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Rhea Ripley has details when she was stolen on a trip with WWE – Planet Wrestling