Rey Mysterio, WWE’s last masked man

In some parts of the world of wrestling, the mask is a traditional element, worthy of value and respect for those who wear it. In Mexico, for example, it is a characteristic symbol in companies such as: CMLL or AAA. Where a fight where a fighter puts his mask into play is worth more than one for the title. In WWE we have had several masked Superstars, but, after the new round of layoffs, just left Mistery King.

Mistery King. The last masked of Wwe

We all knew that Oscar Gutierrez Rubio (better known as Rey Mysterio) was the most famous and important masked man in the history of Wwe. His championship record also makes him one of the company’s most popular superstars.

The mask played a key role in his mysticism, however, it was not the only one. A years ago for example, “Fight House Party” it was a factor in the pairwise division. Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado were a very popular trio of masked superstars. Well, now with his layoffs, only Rey Mysterio remains.

The pride of the mask

Rey Mysterio is in charge of continuing a great family and cultural tradition. His uncle Rey Mysterio Sr is a figure in Mexico. And in the country where Rey has his roots (He is an American of Mexican descent) he is proud to obtain the right to wear a mask. A great element that Rey Mysterio must honor alone, in the greatest company of “Wrestling”

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Rey Mysterio, WWE’s last masked man