Rey Mysterio would have liked to part ways with Dominick in the WWE Draft

Mistery King have recently had the opportunity to speak with Graham GSM Mathews from Bleacher Report about what would have happened if the separation between father and son had occurred in the past WWE Draft.

Rey Mysterio would have liked to part ways with Dominik in the WWE Draft

As we discussed, the legend and superstar of WWE RAW, Rey Mysterio has recently given his opinion on what it would have been like to see the separation between his son and him during the last edition of the WWE Draft.

We leave you with the words of Mistery King on the subject:

“That was definitely in the hands of fate. We had a talk about breaking up, and I said that if it had finally happened, it was meant to happen in such a way. You go your way, and I go mine.

At the same time, I would have given my son some independence to grow up on his own. Something similar to the story we were telling before being drafted to WWE RAW. This was on our minds, but it was not within our concerns. It’s a change, it would have been good. “

Mysterio continuous:

“I have been having fun every moment that I have been able to share with my son in the ring and backstage. Just interacting with him has been incredible. It has been like the rebirth of my career. I see it and I remember my first steps in the industry.

I hope that with this change to WWE RAW let’s get off to a fresh start and look for new opponents to face. “

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Rey Mysterio would have liked to part ways with Dominick in the WWE Draft