Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz in WWE Elimination Chamber

From saudi arabia in Elimination Chamber, Mistery King you see the faces vs The Miz in hand to hand combat to earn the respect he and his son deserve.

The Miz disrespects Rey Mysterio and his son

During the last weeks in raw we have been able to see The Miz in combat against Dominik Mysterio where he managed to take the victory with a little help, both Mysterio and his father felt outraged to pay him with the same coin, in another match it was Rey who caused the distraction in favor of Dominik, this turned into a verbal argument where Miz crossed the line hinting that Domink might not be Rey’s son, This was enough to generate a fight in Elimination Chamber from Saudi Arabia.

The fight begins with The Miz fiercely and mercilessly attacking Rey Mysterio, Dominik watches everything from ringside to support his father and at times it even causes a couple of distractions, The Miz is furious at this but continues the fight with Rey Mysterio who recovers and shows him his incomparable talent.

Rey tries to do his 619 but his opponent runs away to avoid danger, Dominik is aware of this and makes him return so that Rey ambushed him, Domink continues trying to help his father by attacking the Miz, the latter at one point he grabs a chair to pretend Dominik has hit him with it Eddie Guerrero style.

Rey Mysterio manages alone

When Dominik retires and The Miz gets his way, is about to apply the Skull Crushing Finally but Rey reverses it into a roll-up, 1 2 3 Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz in Elimination Chamber but after this he is furiously attacked, Domink comes to the rescue and father and son finish off The Miz with a double 619 and a frog splash in honor of the race.

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Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz in WWE Elimination Chamber