Results WWE Monday Night Raw June 27, 2022

USA Network will broadcast tonight the 1,518th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw live from the Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, Texas.


Nikki ASH is eliminated.


Baszler punishes Becky but Doudrop intervenes to control the situation. Lynch dodges her, Tamina joins the attack. Nikki tries a Roll Up on Becky but falls on the Disarmher.


Xia Li is eliminated.


Doudrop and Tamina face off at the start. Nikki joins Doudrop on Tamina. Becky finishes off Xia Li with the Manhandle Slam.


Participating in the fight: Becky Lynch, Nikki ASH, Tamina, Doudrop, Shayna Baszler and Xia Li. All six fighters are in the ring at the same time. Eliminations can occur by count of three, submission, count out, or disqualification.


Money in the Bank Qualifying Elimination Match


seth rollins talk to John Cena backstage. Seth remembers that his Money in the Bank cash was the biggest, unlike Cena. Omos and MVP they interrupt them, assuring that the giant will be the one who wins on Saturday.


cody rhodes was interviewed exclusively about his injury. Cody praises the various Money in the Bank contestants. On Seth Rollins, he points out that his exchange was historic. “If Seth wins, I’ll be the first to congratulate him,” he says.


After the match, Theory attacks Bobby Lashley. Alpha Academy grabs him for Theory to take a selfie, but Bobby escapes and charges everyone. Theory escapes just in time to avoid a Spear.


Bobby Lashley defeats Alpha Academy


Otis looks for height but Bobby charges him on Electric Chair to knock him down. Hurt Lock to Chad Gable!


Otis dominates Lashley in the ring. Bobby responds by lashing out at both rivals. Gable punishes The All Mighty’s leg to stop him. Otis’ Powerbomb and Gable’s Moonsault, but it’s not enough.


Theory will be a special enforcer of the match, observing that the rules are followed from outside the ring. Otis starts for his team, but Lashley kicks him down. Lashley looks for a Suplex but Theory gets on the edge of the ring. Chad and Otis take advantage of the distraction to attack.


Bobby Lashley vs. Alpha Academy

Bobby Lashley vs. Alpha Academy


“If they’re watching at home or they’re here in Laredo, Texas…” Cena says and raises the audience present. “This is the sound of us. And we’re just getting started,” Cena closes.


“It’s been a 20-year career, I’m 45 years old. I don’t know when you’ll see me in the ring again. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I don’t know when. It won’t be just one, don’t worry. I need to say this now. Everything what I do out of this, it’s not about me, it’s about us together. It’s all about us. I’m asking you, if you see something good, say so, if you see something bad, say so. It was never about me, it was always about U.S”.


“I always wanted to say ‘thank you’. I must have been waiting for the right moment, and today it feels like that,” he says excitedly. The audience chants thanking John, who again thanks the audience for letting him be who he is. “WWE has prepared me for anything. I’m not talking about the movies, but their reactions and what they get into with me. They’ve made me a better human being,” he adds.


“If I’m in this ring, it’s because you guys let me. Over the years you’ve created an environment for me to be myself. You’ve told me when I suck and when I don’t,” says Cena.


John Cena arrives in the ring. “I was never one to celebrate the past, I always wanted to look forward and think about what is coming. But today is different. It has nothing to do with what I did, with any moment or any fight. It has everything to do with you”, John says.


Vince McMahon comes out to present John Cena in celebration of his 20 years in the company.


Liv Morgan vs. Alexa Bliss


Alexa punishes Liv’s back, looks for a DDT but Morgan turns her around to take the victory in a surprising way. Especially for Asuka who can’t believe it.


Asuka joins the commentary table. The first minutes of the fight are even, both come out looking to take control and manage to reverse several moves.


Alexa Bliss vs. Liv Morgan


Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss they are interviewed. Alexa says that she doesn’t trust anyone, but she likes Liv. “You will win one day, but not this Saturday,” says Bliss. Morgan says that if there’s one thing he learned from John Cena, it’s that you have to stand up to whoever stands in your way and tell them his time is up. “Alexa, my time is now,” Liv says, assuring that she will win on Saturday and beat Alexa tonight.


Carmella comes out and says he has it all, the looks and the brains. “I have everything and I will not apologize for it,” says the challenger. Carmella pretends to leave the ring, but she comes back to try to surprise Bianca. Belair stops her and lands a punch.


bianca belair is interviewed by Kevin Patrick in the ring. Bianca says that if Carmella thinks she’s that good, he should come out and confront her right now.


More greetings for John Cena: Stephanie McMahon, Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin send their messages for John.


John Cena meet Ezekiel backstage. She at first sees him as similar to Elias, but later she is glad to meet him. Cena gives Zeke some advice too: “never forget who you are.” theory He faces Cena but doesn’t let him speak. “They should celebrate me, I’m here every week. You’re out of the loop. Look at me, I’m the youngest WWE Champion,” says Theory, and continues to pick on Cena.


AJ Styles defeats The Miz by count out


Styles prepares once again for his Forearm, but Miz leaves the ring.


Struggling on high, AJ escapes and looks for a Rack Bomb. Miz avoids it and connects kicks. Miz’s Knee Strike and count of two. AJ spins to avoid the Skull Crushing Finale. Pele Kick for Miz and Brainbuster.


The Miz applies a DDT but it’s not enough. AJ returns to the attack and looks for his finish. Miz escapes but receives an Ushigoroshi for the count of two. He tries the Forerarm but Miz dodges and punishes with Double Knees in the corner.


Knee Strike to AJ, who responds by throwing Miz out of the ring. AJ misses a Moonsault, Miz punishes him against the edge of the ring and the barricade….


Styles dominates with Dropkick and Backbreaker. Miz responds and applies Ax Handle from the corner. Miz headlock to keep control over AJ.


AJ Styles vs. The Miz


AJ Styles arrives in the ring and hits Miz.


Kevin Patrick interviews The Miz in the ring. They show images of the current training of logan paul. Miz announces that They will fight together again at WWE Summerslam.


20 years of John Cena in WWE

Video with images and testimonials from John Cena’s career in WWE. Wrestling and entertainment personalities rave about one of the greatest superstars of all time.


Finn Balor and Damian Priest they intersect with Mysterio backstage. Finn and Priest pick on Rey and Dominik until they get mad. Rey gives them a challenge for next week.


Montez Ford defeats Jey Uso


Frog Splash!

With a great jump from the heights, Ford finishes off Jey Uso with his Frog Splash.


Uso is confident and distracted, Montez takes the opportunity to apply a Blockbuster. Ford looks for height but Jimmy Uso distracts him. Angelo Dawkins runs over Jimmy! Jey flies over Dawkins, Ford over Jey.


Jey controls the situation when he returns from commercials. Ford responds with a hard Clothesline and a series of kicks. Standing Moonsault on Jey and count of two.


Ford dominates Jey in the first minutes of the fight. Jey gets out of the ring and avoids a kick from Ford before throwing him hard against the barricade.


Montez Ford vs. jey use


Riddle is interviewed by Kevin Patrick. Riddle dedicates his victory to his dear friend Randy Orton. Riddle says that he heard John Cena’s phrase and fulfilled it. He will not give up and will succeed in Las Vegas, he assures him.


Several fighters send their regards to John Cena. Among them Booker T, Big Show, Bryan Danielson and Trish Status.


Street Profits they talk to John Cena backstage. Cena motivates them by saying that they don’t forget how good they are, nor their achievements. The Profits read Cena’s shirt and remember his phrase: “Never give up”.


Riddle is the winner of the Battle Royal


RKO on the edge of the ring!


Riddle avoids a Skull Crushing Finale and applies Randy Orton’s classic DDT. Look for the RKO, Miz avoids it and connects the Skull Crushing Finale. Riddle applies a Triangle Hold on the ropes, putting Miz in danger near the edge.


AJ Styles is eliminated.


Styles and Riddle exchange blows in the ring. AJ prepares for the Phenomenal Forearm but Miz eliminates him from ringside before returning.


Shisuke Nakamura is eliminated. AJ Styles eliminates Ricochet.


Nakamura tries a Kinshasa but Riddle dodges it and applies a Pele Kick. Meanwhile, Miz is treated by medical personnel outside the ring.


Dolph Ziggler is eliminated.


Nakamura, Riddle, Miz, Ricochet, Ziggler and AJ Styles are the last six. Miz appears to have injured his leg after a jump on Riddle.


The Miz and Ziggler come together to control the situation. Ricochet exchanges blows with T-Bar and they go to the edge of the ring. T-Bar tries to eliminate him but Ricochet jumps onto a ladder at ringside. Hurricane Frog to T-Bar!


Rey Mysterio is eliminated.


Mustafa Ali is eliminated by Ciampa.


Reggie is eliminated.


T-Bar charges Reggie and throws him towards the recently eliminated ringside.


Veer Mahaan is eliminated.


R-Truth is eliminated by Shanky. Jinder Mahal eliminates Shanky. AJ Styles eliminates Jinder Mahal.


Double 619 of the Mysterios on Veer. Mustafa Ali joins them to try to get Mahaan out of the ring.


Akira Tozawa and Shelton Benjamin are eliminated by Veer Mahaan.


The bell rings and action erupts throughout the ring between fighters from Smackdown and Raw.


Money in the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal


Patrick asks how Miz’s relationship with Logan Paul is after their attack at WrestleMania, and the video of that moment is repeated. “When celebrities come to WWE, they ask to be with The Miz. After what happened at WrestleMania, I told Logan Paul that it was an injury, and he learned,” says Miz.


A video of the arrival of John Cena to backstage. Wrestlers, referees and WWE personnel receive the legendary fighter with applause and greetings.


Monday Night Raw begins!

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Results WWE Monday Night Raw June 27, 2022