Results of the last RAW before SummerSlam

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The last RAW previo to SummerSlam confirmed the last fights that the red mark of Wwe will present in the Allegiant stadium. Having closed last week’s RAW with RKO from Randy Orton to Riddle, the Killer of Legends agreed to return RK-BRO to confront AJ Styles and Omos.

Riddle faced AJ Styles in the first fight on Monday. Minutes before Randy Orton explained that he prefers to work alone and left the ring at the start of Riddle’s fight. After a close match, the other half of the tag team champions, Omos, stepped in to distract Riddle so Styles could win with a Styles Clash.

Subsequently, Randy Oron faced Omos, accompanied by AJ Styles. During the match, Orton failed in his attempts to RKO the giant. Omos was disqualified for the intervention of Styles, who attacked Randy Orton at ringside until Riddle came to his companion’s rescue.

Randy Orton took the microphone to announce that RKBro was returning and they will be contesting the RAW Tag Team Championships on SummerSlam. Riddle hugged Orton with great emotion after the announcement.

Charlotte ahead of Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley

In the female division, the feud between Rhea ripley, Charlotte flair and Nikki ASH, continued with the Queen rising with victory. During the first hour of the show, Rhea Ripley defeated the RAW Champion thanks to Charlotte’s intervention.

A few hours later Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH teamed up to face Charlotte Salir and Nia Jax. The fight was largely dominated by Nia Jax, after mocking Ripley, Charlotte took the opportunity to finish it off and take the victory against the two rivals she will face on Saturday.

Goldberg celebrates with his son

Bobby lashley keep confronting Goldberg through his son, who on this occasion was in the front row accompanied by the rest of his football team.

Lashley told Goldberg that he would take care of ending her career. The ex-champion of WCW he mocked answering that “that was pure sh * t.”

Goldberg carried a spear to Lashley, leaving him lying in the middle of the ring while Goldberg celebrated with his son to close the last RAW prior to Summerslam.