Reason why WWE changed the main event of the last episode of Monday Night Raw

During the broadcast of the last episode of Monday Night Raw a triple threat was held in the main event. Roman Reigns defeated Big E and Bobby Lashley. Originally, that spot on the card was planned for a tag team match between The Bloodline and The New Day, but plans changed.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for the Wrestling Observer, has released more information about the change of the card on his radio show. During last weekend’s house shows A series of triple threats was held between Roman Reigns, Big E and Bobby Lashley. The people were delighted and WWE managers informed Vince McMahon that he liked it a lot. Vince changed the script and put that fight on the Monday Night Raw card in order to attract more audience.

“Obviously, the six-man fight was going to be the main event of the show, originally,” Meltzer commented. “What happened at the weekend shows, in North Charleston and Augusta, made a triple threat between Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley and Big E, and Vince McMahon found out they were very good. So at noon on the day of the show (Raw), took a 180 degree turn and moved the tag team match to basically set up triple threat as the main event, thinking that he would get more audience by putting that fight on television. That’s why it wasn’t announced previously, and that’s why it was something last minute. “

The truth is that the Monday Night Raw audience improved compared to the previous week, but did not exceed 1.8 million viewers.

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