RAW results: King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown qualifiers begin

The Wwe He has given us another night of intense fighting on the ring, because in ‘normal’ matches and playoffs for the King of the Ring and Queen’s tournaments Crown, none of them kept anything, making clear their supremacy in RAW.

The star fight, which was undoubtedly the most exciting and action-packed, did not have the expected ending by many fans, since there was no winner for the count outside the ring. However, the blows did not stop falling and there are many expectations for the next function of WWE.

The Usos (Jey & Jimmy Uso) vs Big E & Drew McIntyre

High intensity duel to close with the RAW night. In a tag team match, which was expected to be exciting, both teams gave their all, because beat their team rivals, received a good punishment and The fan did not stop screaming with excitement.

After a few minutes in the ring, Big E takes over and argue with Drew. They gave two superkicks for E, who barely escaped the pin, and everything was still going. While Jimmy catches Drew from outside the ring, Jey pushes E against his partner.

McIntyre takes out Big E out of the ring when he covered Jey, they all cling to blows out of the ring, the referee counts to ten but they continue fighting without pause; the fight ended by the count and without a winner.

Xavier Woods vs Ricochet | King of the Ring First Round

The combat was very even and full of action between both fighters. They both wanted to advance to the next round and hit their best shots. Ricochet applied a Superplex, Foot Stomp and Leg Drop from Woods and so the fight went on.

Ricochet threw a Suicide Dives against Woods, but he managed to avoid it after several repetitions; collided with a barricade, was stunned and did not escape the three second count.

Mansoor & Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

Alexander and Benjamin got an important victory in WWE RAW after the first mentioned fighter applied a Michinoku Driver against Mustafa Ali. He couldn’t escape from referee count and victory was decided.

Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke | First Round of the Queen’s Crown

Shayna took the clapping and choreography from the audience after obtaining her pass to the next round of the tournament, since after applying a knee strike against Brooke, he left her lying on the canvas and could not escape the referee’s count, so still alive in WWE competition.

Omos vs Riddle

Duel that graced the night of WWE RAW although there was nothing at stake but pride. The victory took her We hear, Who was going accompanied by AJ Styles, after this asked him to kick the headto; Double Chokeslam to finish it off and sentenced the fight.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Theory

This combat was decided by the failures of Jeff Hardy, one of the most extreme fighters in WWE. Tried Jeff’s Wist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for Theory but it was not effective, instead after hitting him and taking him by the clothes, orb had a count of three which credited him as the winner.

Jinder Mahal vs Kofi Kingston | King of the Ring Tournament

The Jamaican fighter lost this fight for the ‘guests there were’, given that Veer and Shanky, plus Xavier Woods, they were down the ring. Kofi got distracted fighting with Veer and after giving him a couple of blows Mahal caught him off guard and he referee reached the count of three.

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks

This bout ended by disqualification, as there was an uproar in the ring. The four fighters hit it off, they did not pause and even argued after the bell rang, where Sasha applied the Backstabber to Bianca and there was an uranage of Lynch to Banks to end the chaos.