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In the most recent television edition of Raw presented by Wwe, a title match was held between Charlotte Flair, the Raw Champion, and with Nia jax. The bell rang and Jax went after Flair, who stepped out of the ring. And so on two occasions.

After this, the women went to a referee shoot in the ring and shared forehand shots. Flair tried to apply a Supléx, but Jax blocked her and then gave her a right hand to the head. After this, Jax whipped Flair on the neck and smashed her in the corner.

► Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair’s next challenger?

Then Flair dodged her and they locked in a new referee shot until Jax tackled him. Flair managed to lower the ropes and make Jax come out of the ring, there he fell on him with an Iron.

Upon returning from the commercials, Jax lifted and threw Flair to the mat, who responded with a right hand to the face. Behind this, Flair lunged with a Moonsault and Jax greeted her with high knees. Then he applied a Samoan Dip.

Flair dodged Jax, and kicked him in the face. Then he slapped her and Jax hurt her head by pulling her hair. Flair pushed her and slapped her and they faced each other. Flair lunged at Jax, but Jax lifted her, though Flair broke free and threw her back against the mat for a count in two seconds.

The blonde punched Jax hard and then punished his leg to move her butt and laugh at what Jax has been doing lately. But the Samoan kicked her in the butt and threw her face into the corner. The referee checked Flair.

The end of the fight came when Flair focused on punishing Flair’s knee. Jax blocked Figure Four and he whips her with a great Powerbomb in the middle of the ring and there he obtains the victory in this non-title fight on the account of three.

Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair Raw Aug 30, 2021

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