Raw: Cody Rhodes defeated The Miz; Seth Rollins attacks him

In the most recent edition of WWE Raw, and in the fourth fight of the night, the sensation man of the moment in WWE, Cody Rhodes, faced The Miz for the second time in heads-up. The bell rang and Cody left to find the fight, giving Miz Machetazos to the chest, who with a shoulder knockdown managed to throw him to the canvas and apply a hard Padlock to the head. The referee let the actions continue.

Cody got to his feet and scooped Miz back with a Lock to the head, then went to the ropes, kicked him in the abdomen and slapped him across the face like his dad, Dusty Rhodes, did. Miz reacted, but he almost lost the match with an interesting Roll-Up by Cody, who then knocked him out of the ring with Flying Kicks.

β–Ί Cody Rhodes, undefeated since his return to WWE

Miz hit Cody in the face and prevented a Suicide Stop. Then, Rhodes dodged an Iron from the corner and headed Miz to finish him off face to face with a nice Supplex. rhodes did a nice move where he put his knees on the Miz’s back and pulled his feet and arms while lying on the canvas.

The one from Hollywood recovered, but his momentum did not last long because with Knees he was stopped by Rhodes, who then Kneed him to the face to get a count in two seconds.

Miz then sent Cody flying, who hit his groin on the ropes. Miz kicked him twice and sent him to the floor at Ringside before we went into commercial breaks.

Back in action, Cody slammed Miz to the mat and hit him with a Figure Four. Miz had to fight hard to touch the ropes and make the referee break the key. Miz got out of the ring and Cody was going to get on the corner … but Seth Rollins appeared and threw him from there, hitting him several times after it fell to the ground.

Rollins was attacked by Cody, but then the Freakin He was joined by the Awesome and between them they hit Rhodes hard.

The Miz and Seth Rollins attack Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw (05/23/2022) / WWE

They sent him so hard against the metal stairs hurting his left leg, that Cody hit the referee’s calf and made her kneel. Rollins finished his attack there and left and he removed a replica strap that Cody wears that a child had.

This fact apparently made him more furious because he hit Cody in the back with said belt. Only once though and he left. The Miz was no longer around at that point.

Cody managed to recover as Rollins’ attack was not so strong on the way to his fight at the premium event Hell in a Cell 2022 and gave the boy his belt back to applause and cheers from the audience. With a lot of pain in his left leg, Cody asked the referee to help him get backstage.

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Raw: Cody Rhodes defeated The Miz; Seth Rollins attacks him