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In the most recent edition of WWE Raw, and in the sixth fight of the night, one of the most anticipated fights of the last decade took place on the red mark between two of the greatest figures in American professional wrestling today.

Austin Theory exposed the WWE United States Championship against Cody Rhodes. The combat was pretty good, as expected, to tell you the truth. Nevertheless, the result of it did not please the fans.

► Cody Rhodes continues to give great presentations in WWE

The fans chanted Cody’s name as soon as the bell rang and he threw his rival against the cornerback. After a couple of punishments, Cody tried to hurt Theory’s leg with a key, but he managed to touch the ropes and having the referee have to order the application of the move to be broken.

Afterwards, Theory applied some flying kicks and began his offensive that lasted several minutes and gave him time to humiliate Cody by covering him with a foot on his chest and making a pose with his muscles for a second. Cody came back and knocked Theory out of the ringside.

Later, Cody was kicked in the face and Theory cleared the commentary table in English to throw Cody, who recovered with punches. Cody then got a two second count thanks to a Scoop Slam.

Cody hit a Moonsault off the top rope for a two-second count and then Theory reacted with a Knee Breaker to get a two-second count as well. Theory sought to finish Cody with his ATL, but Cody broke free with elbow strikes and his Disaster Kick and the Cody Cutter.

Cody almost won the fight… But he was attacked from behind by Seth Rollins! The referee had no choice but to ring the bell and give Rhodes the victory by DQ, but Theory didn’t lose the title because of the way he lost the match.

Rollins threw Cody into the Ringside area and punched him several times. He then head-butted him twice into the announce table. Rollins told Cody that he will never take anything from him again and he applied the Curb Stomp on the commentators table in English. “Never again,” Seth Rollins sentenced Cody Rhodes.

seth rollins and cody rhodes raw may 9, 2022

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Raw: Cody Rhodes beat Austin Theory | Superfights