Raven ends rivalry with Tommy Dreamer with DDT to clinch entry to Impact Hall of Fame

The legendary Raven was inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory on Friday night in Albany, NY.

The induction was done by Raven’s old rival and sometimes partner, Tommy Dreamer, during the Countdown To Bound For Glory pre-show.

Dreamer discussed his history going back to ECW, and admitted that there would be no Dreamer without Raven. He named several other ECW Originals, and also noted how Raven gave opportunities to CM Punk and Mickie James.

Dreamer then said what he would give to live one more moment with Raven, remembering how Raven hit her DDT and then Dreamer looked at his pose, not realizing that he was in a moment of greatness that he would never have again. Dreamer got emotional and said that Raven didn’t appreciate those moments either. He thanked the fans for giving him those moments and asked them to please shower Raven with greatness. Raven then walked out to a standing ovation from the audience, thanking everyone for the honor.

Raven later mentioned in his speech that he would like to thank everyone, like The Sandman, Lodi and Perry Saturn, but there wasn’t enough time and his few true friends know how much they mean to him. He then pointed to Dreamer, thanking him for the induction, for being the yin to his yang, the babyface to his heel, and most of all for being his partner in a 28-year feud that finally ended tonight. The two ECW Originals shook hands and hugged each other, with Dreamer lifting Raven’s arm up into the air. That’s when Raven hit Dreamer with his DDT.

Raven then struck her signature pose as the cheers turned to jeers. She thanked the audience and bid her farewell with her catchphrase, “Date The Raven, nevermore!”

Raven has joined the following stars in the Impact Hall of Fame: Sting (2012), Kurt Angle (2013), Team 3D (2014), Jeff Jarrett (2015), Earl Hebner (2015), Gail Kim (2016 ), James Storm (2017), Abyss (2018), Ken Shamrock (2020), Awesome Kong (2021).

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Raven ends rivalry with Tommy Dreamer with DDT to clinch entry to Impact Hall of Fame