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during the last hours WWE news have focused on analyzing the best of this week in the weekly program of the WWE Raw red mark. The truth is that several have qualified to win the title at the next event in Saudi Arabia.

Canceled plans for Randy Orton

Several media reported that the company had in mind to give a strong boost WWE wrestler Randy Orton since the big first event of the month in the company as it is the PPV Royal Rumble. In which the fighter had in mind the people of his own city. A special moment for sure.

What happened in the event itself left more than one dismayed. In the end the fighter entered the 29th place and only lasted two minutes after being eliminated by the beast incarnate. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out two determining factors that occurred with the fighter himself.

Regarding his participation in the Royal Rumble.

“I thought it was weird that Orton wasn’t on TV. Also, the other thing is that he was only in the Rumble for a couple of minutes as well.”

Plans on Raw were canceled and there is no explanation for his absence on the show.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Randy Orton,” Meltzer said. “If you remember, last week the big thing about the scooter race was that Otis and Randy Orton were going to have a scooter race as well. Randy Orton wasn’t even on the show and they didn’t put him in the camera match either. That is another question. I don’t know the answer to that one.”

Something that worries more than one and wonders if the history of the titles in pairs can be extended until the great event or if on the contrary it will be the moment in which the separation is sooner rather than later and we have an internal battle in RK-Bros.

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Randy Orton’s plans on WWE Raw were canceled – Planet Wrestling