Randy Orton to break an all-time record this Sunday at Survivor Series

Randy orton is a living legend of the sports entertainment industry; he is a third generation superstar who has one of the most enviable and decorated careers in history that has earned him.

Randy Orton will set a new record this Sunday at WWE Survivor Series

Titles of all kinds and nicknames as imposing as ‘The Killer of Legends’. Now to few days of the PPV Survivor Series In which he will face the Usos alongside Matt Riddle in the Champions vs. Champions match, Randy Orton will add a new record to his long history.

The current Monday Night RAW Tag Team Champion is tied with ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane in 176 appearances on WWE / WWF pay-per-view shows, so he’ll take the lead in this edition of Survivor Series. And we can assure you that it will raise the bar for anyone who wants to match or exceed that mark, as the 41-year-old wrestler has assured that he has no intention of retiring from professional wrestling before he is 50 years old.

The first appearance of Randy Orton in WWE was in the episode of Monday Night RAW of September 23, 2002 facing the fighter Steven Richards; His first pay-per-view was SummerSlam in 2003 when he participated in the Elimination Chamber match in which Triple H defended his World Heavyweight Championship. Within the structure, in addition to Randy and Hunter, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash participated. Orton entered the fight in third place and was the second entrant to be eliminated after receiving the count back at the hands of Goldberg.

With this, after Survivor Series, the five fighters with the most PPV appearances will be:

1. Randy Orton (177)
2. Kane (176)
3. The Undertaker (174)
4. Triple H (173)
5. John Cena (163)

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Randy Orton to break an all-time record this Sunday at Survivor Series