R-Truth talks about a possible reunion with Carmella

R-Truth and Carmella they are old acquaintances within WWE, because in previous years they became one of the most loved pairs by fans due to their charisma and the humor they generated in their struggles and various segments. During 2018, Carmella was working as Truth’s partner, which is why they participated in the second season of the Mixed Match Challenge, held that same year, under the name of “The Fabulous Truth”.

R-Truth does not rule out a possible union with Carmella again

On that occasion, Mella and Truth managed to win said tournament after defeating Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox in the final; This victory allowed them to enter as number 30 in their respective Royal Rumble fights, however, none managed to achieve victory in the Royal Battle.

Behind this, the team was highly involved in the 24/7 Championship scene, because the self-described ‘most beautiful woman in WWE’ was helping her partner in his long journey to get the title on several occasions and different scenarios. It was thanks to this that the WWE Universe was really interested in Title, because in the previous months the fans did not see it as something serious or relevant. It is necessary to mention that during this period Carmella managed to be a 24/7 Champion twice and Truth, well, countless times.

Recently, both fighters gave statements about their history as a team; the most recent was R-Truth during an interview with ‘The Wrestling Inc. Daily’:

“I am happy that she is shining while doing what she knows how to do. A lot of people don’t know her job, but Carmella is very smart, she knows the wrestling business. She contributed ideas to many of the things we did, she helped us to put things together. So I know that she has a lot of knowledge about the business as well as conscience, entertainment and understanding, she really is very good at what she does… And she is in RAW, right? So it is possible that they will see a meeting. ” The former champion declared.

Carmella, for her part, gave the following statements last year:

“I miss him. They’ve been asking me things like, ‘Are you upset that you’re not with him anymore?’ Of course I am, I’m sad. I feel like we had a lot more to do. We really could have moved on for a long time. “

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R-Truth talks about a possible reunion with Carmella