Previous WWE SmackDown “Supersized” October 15, 2021

As every week, the main WWE brand presents the best card to continue maintaining the good ratings of each program, exceeding two million audience and in PLANETA WRESTLING, your WWE website, we bring you the preview of the show of the blue mark of SmackDown from this night. We remind you that the changes to the WWE draft will not take effect until next October 22.

WWE SmackDown Preview of October 15, 2021

This is what we have announced by the company for tonight’s WWE SmackDown show.

King of the Ring Men’s Semifinal

They are not at their best, but they have reached the semifinals and are one foot away from having the most important fight so far this year in Arabia. Sami Zayn again beat the legend Rey Mysterio to pass the round while Balor had it somewhat more complicated.

The demon transferred to the red mark continues to fight on SmackDown and after failing to conquer the universal championship and being the last victim of the tribal chief can be consolidated. The problem of the tournament comes with the participants, but in the same way one of the two will play the final.

Queens Crown Women’s Semifinal

At this time and after many on social networks show their annoyance over the defeat of Liv Morgan, the favorite for many and Toni Storm with little prominence, it is time for the final. Carmella with a new gimmick with her mask that makes her invincible in front of Zelina with no plans on the horizon but that can surprise you.


Zelina and Carmella have been moved to Raw, where they can start over. The two have defended each other for the past two weeks. Everything indicates that this fight may not last long since it is the tone that the tournament is giving for the women’s team.

Non-title match: Becky VS Sasha

In this special they wanted to throw the house out the window and have put the two best fighters in the women’s division in a heads-up to heat up their fight in Saudi Arabia. In the absence of Bianca, it is expected that he can intervene, but this fight is one that has not been seen in the company for many years, since 2017.


Again it is the four jockeys in the absence of Bayley who pull the women’s division. A hand-to-hand combat that could not take place in a monthly event after Becky takes the opportunity away from Sasha and so she wants to get revenge and show off in the face of the title fight.

Brock Lesnar’s appearance on WWE SmackDown

The free agent deigns to report to his job and it will be the last time he is seen on a weekly schedule until at least 2022 due to notes indicating that after Arabia he will take a break. The fact of facing Roman Reigns raises passions and nobody knows who will be victorious.


The two strongest champions with that title and who collide with a Paul Heyman in between. Not only is this going to lead to a fierce battle, it is also expected that There may be more protagonism of the fighters Jimmy and Jey Uso to protect their tribal chief in what I went through in the last 30 minutes of the program without commercial breaks to compete with the Rampage show.

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