Previous WWE RAW of February 21, 2022 – Planet Wrestling

We start the week with one of the main shows of the company as it is the red mark of WWE RAWand in PLANET WRESTLING, your WWE websitewe leave you the preview of the program with all the information of what they will offer tonight.

Previous WWE RAW of February 21, 2022

Appearance of the people’s champion

Although it has not been confirmed anywhere, everything indicates that on tonight’s show we will have the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar reacting to his great victory in the elimination chamber. The film has completely changed now it is the champion against the champion of the company.

One of the most anticipated battles within the company bond. A moment to reflect and where you can explain your emotions before aspiring to take all the gold if both championships are put at stake. A unique opportunity that Lesnar cannot miss.

Miz’s new partner

The fighter through his official Twitter account warned of the presence of his great friend on Monday night’s program. So much so that many speculate about the possible companion of the Miz. A name that has sounded a lot is that of Logan Paul. Old acquaintance of the company.

With millions of followers on their social media accounts, it could be the great arrival at WWE for this time being able to be part of a fight in front of thousands of people. against the most beloved couple in the company such as the Mysterios who have not yet won the championships on Raw.

RK-Bros Opportunity

Nothing has been confirmed but everything seems to indicate that the possible fight between the two couples can take place in this next weekly program. A story developed over the weeks that leaves us with the couple’s opportunity against Alpha Academy for the titles.

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Previous WWE RAW of February 21, 2022 – Planet Wrestling