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The championships always fill wwe news. Wins, starting defenses, etc. It’s all great news for the audience and for the superstars themselves. In addition, from time to time they defend themselves in weekly episodes, leaving fans with great intrigue. This week on WWE RAW, finn balor could lose the United States Championship.

Possible title change in WWE RAW

Last week a high-level duel was confirmed. Theory will face Finn Balor tonight with the United States Championship at stake. This, in addition, will be the first starting defense of the Irishman, but everything seems against him according to the latest precedents.

In recent weeks, Theory has easily defeated both Finn Balor and Intercontinental Champion Ricochet in non-title matches. These results cause uncertainty tonight, where the mythical medal is at stake, even more so considering the current trend in the company.

The championships are tending to unify. It has already happened with the World Championships, it will happen in wrestlemania backlash with the Tag Team Championships and it seems that the division mid-card will enter into the same dynamic. These arguments facilitate the idea of ​​a possible victory for Theory.

Future rivalry with Ricochet

Most likely, continuing with the title unifications, Theory will defeat Finn Balor tonight and win the United States medal. With that, I would go to smackdown where he has unfinished business to resolve with Ricochet, leading to a unification match where Vince’s protege would be victorious.

At least, this is how it currently appears in the company’s plans, thus completing the total unification of the championships. A controversial decision, which will become a great boost for Theory, considering that, at present, he is only 24 years old.

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Possible title change in WWE RAW – Planeta Wrestling