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During the last weeks WWE news on the situation of a team full of former champions of the company has suggested the possibility of its rupture in a few weeks. This is due to the coldness that has been seen between the two in recent weeks.

Team break on Raw

On the red mark WWE Raw there are several consolidated teams, one of them is the duo formed by the giant and colossus Omos and his partner former WWE champion and wrestler Aj Styles. Therefore, there are many reports that advance a possible separation with the intention of giving an individual push to the debutant a few months ago.

WrestleVotes reported the news. It was said that there was a plan to split them up until people could talk and express how they didn’t think Omos was ready yet to be an individual star.. The main reason for not taking it out in the draft was that it was an easy decision.

This meant moments of disconnection between the two that have led to existing tensions. In which this week the leader Aj told Omos to pay attention to him. Both of them no longer understand each other as they used to and come in free fall after they lost the championships.

It is time to give the necessary confidence to Omos, who eliminated 12 fighters in the real battle in the last PPV of the year for the main roster. In this way, one of the couples that have had the most prominence for a whole year can have their days numbered.

We will have to wait but the bets are in favor of the giant. Omos is a version that is well known to fans who compare it to The Great Khali. If so and the company is committed to its physical form, it should be a world champion or get a belt in 2022.

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Possible team separation on WWE Raw – Planeta Wrestling