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Among other wwe news, Vince McMahon’s company surprised last night at a live event what could be a taste of the new group that could start on WWE RAW. Said team would be a new version of her in the professional wrestling. Next, we tell you more details about it.

The return of a great stable within WWE RAW

Last night during a WWE live event at the Florence Center, three superstars surprisingly made a great alliance. Said WWE RAW superstars would be the two former WWE top champions AJ Styles and Finn Balor along with the beloved fighter known as Liv Morgan. This trio of fighters made the “Too Sweet” symbol being something characteristic of the Bullet Club or as it is well known in WWE, The Club.

It should be noted that AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan have been having many problems with Edge’s new stable known as El Dia del Juicio. The return of The Club began after Finn Balor saved the WWE Phenomenal One due to Edge and Damian Priest attacking him on several occasions.

On the other hand, Liv Morgan has also been a victim of the new member of Edge’s group, Rhea Ripley. The latter betrayed and made her rude change over Liv Morgan. In the last WWE RAW, Liv Morgan suffered a loss and brutal attack at the hands of Rhea Ripley along with Judgment Day.

Since what happened at Wrestlemania Backlash with the inclusion of Rhea Ripley to Judgment Day costing AJ Styles the match, the former member of the Riott Squad gave a wink for a possible alliance with AJ Styles and Finn Balor. These rumors were thanks to Liv Morgan posting a picture of her making her “Too Sweet.”

Finally, last night that alliance was made, but we will have to wait for WWE to make it official in its live programming.

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Possible return of an old stable in WWE RAW – Planeta Wrestling