Possible reason why WWE will use Dolph Ziggler against Theory

last night in rawDolph Ziggler unexpectedly appeared in the main event of the show, preventing Theory from cheating during the match and giving him a superkick after the victory of Riddle and Bobby Lashley. In the last hours there has been speculation about the new plans of WWE for Ziggler, and, according to Dave Meltzer, the company has wanted pair Theory with Ziggler to help improve young talent.

“Well, Ziggler is a babyface. They already did it at house shows. I think they just want me to be with Theory several events a week for a while because they are bent on making something big from Austin Theory. (Ziggler) He’s the right guy to bring back for it.

I think they have the mindset that, with what they’re going to do with Theory later, now They can make me waste all my time which would make you think that he is going to redeem the briefcase successfully at some point.

He’s a year old, right? So, they could do it even after WrestleMania. I guess if they want me to keep it up for a long time, for a guy they’re giving a push to, they will not protect you so that you do not receive the bill. Not even at house shows.”

“You know, I was very surprised that Ziggler beat him in the non-televised events this weekend. Now, it all makes a lot more sense. It’s a smart move. Put on a guy who’s a really good veterana very good fighter, and his role is make Theory a better fighter“.

In this way, it seems that, in addition to Bobby Lashley, Theory will have a new rival for the coming weeks. For his part, Ziggler was out of programming after his time in NXT. Behind the Post-WrestleMania RAWthe fighter rested for a couple of monthsand on June 27 he returned for the battle royal in which Riddle qualified for Money in the Bank.

This last weekend, Ziggler beat Theory twice in non-televised events, and it seems that he will leave his team with Robert Roode behind for good. be babyface again by singles.

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Possible reason why WWE will use Dolph Ziggler against Theory