Possible future plans for Bianca Belair

Plans for Bianca Belair indicate that it may not be transferred to RAW as planned, here are the details.

Possible future plans for Bianca Belair

As we know In the WWE Draft 2021 Bianca Belair was selected in the RAW red mark, Draft changes will be effective after the conclusion of Crown Jewel this coming October 21 In Saudi Arabia, despite being drafted, in the last episode of RAW Bianca Belair did not appear on the red mark chart alongside the other superstars on the roster.

As we can see in the graph Bianca Bealir is nowhere to be found, this has caused many fans to speculate that Bianca will win the Smackdown Women’s Championship to return to the blue mark.

This fact is not impossible since it is not the first time that it occurs, however it has been said that Bianca’s non-appearance on the chart was just a production error, this is what the portal reported FightFul.com:

“WWE sources told us that the omission of

Bianca Belair in the RAW graphic was a mistake of

production, and plans are still for her to move

to RAW. This is what we have been told so far, though

It is possible that it may change, since that has happened

on numerous occasions in the past ”.

Reigning Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will defend the title in a triple threat against Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair where everyone seeks to possess that great medal, As for Bianca Belair, we will see if she manages to win the fight and stay on Smackdown, which is not impossible, or if she loses and is definitively moved to Moday Night RAW, anything can happen.

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