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During the last few hours there have been many WWE news who have analyzed what the last great WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. One of the events that brings the most benefits to the company after the response of fighters by the sheikhs.

Possible Undertaker appearance canceled

For many it was a surprise the video in which the best moments of the career of a legend within WWE were remembered. WWE wrestler The Undertaker He will be exalted as a member of the Vince McMahon company hall of fame during this year 2022.

Given this great news, the company originally planned that the fighter would have a spontaneous appearance in front of the Arabian public. But in the end, the opposite ended up happening within the development of the monthly event itself by WWE.

PWInsider reports that there were plans for The Undertaker to appear on today’s Elimination Chamber show, but those plans were scrapped. If this is finally confirmed, as this prestigious medium says, everything was planned for a big surprise.

There was no appearance by the dead man that the last years in WWE had complicated moments. The end of his streak for Brock Lesnar, the way he said goodbye to the ring in a cinematic match against Aj Styles.

The end of a legend that has fought for more than four decades can only be honored in his memory. Thanks to his work and effort, he has allowed the product and the company to that Vince has wanted to expand has become a wrestling empire.

In this way it is confirmed that Undertaker will be one of the great protagonists in the great event when he is inducted into the hall of fame after a prestigious career in the company. It will always be in the memory of all those who lived in the world of wrestling.

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Plans scrapped for The Undertaker’s appearance at WWE Elimination Chamber – Wrestling Planet