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during the last few weeks WWE news They wanted to highlight the price and above all the effort and the way in which new champions in pairs have been consecrated within the WWE Raw red mark. So much so that in a simple way it has been possible to give RK-Bros a change of scenery.

A mistake by Otis on WWE Raw

Everything was happening while the first Alpha Academy test was taking place against the challengers and former champions. In the script it was programmed that the fighter did not make mistakes while spelling the word that had touched him. But this was not the case and he made a flagrant mistake during the broadcast of the program.

What happened during his moment on the microphone was that Otis was asked to spell the word “Emmental.” He spelled the word but forgot the letter “A”, but since it was in the script where it understood the correct word, this was ignored.

Dave Meltzer discussed this on Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer said: “He spelled it wrong, but since it was written that he spelled it right, they said he spelled it right. Then they played that gong thing and it was said that he won and he spelled it right because in the script he was going to spell it right. You forgot how to spell legit and you spelled it wrong. Nobody said anything and then because I guess word probably got out that people picked up on this, Corey Graves had to come in and say ‘by the way, Otis messed up when he was spelling it so it’s not a correct answer and Actually, Orton and Riddle won 2-0 and not 2-1.’”

After the test it was Randy Orton who beat Chad Gable in an individual fight. The two are expected to meet in the coming weeks in a rematch for the tag team championships.

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Otis made a script error during WWE Raw – Wrestling Planet