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Although the situation of seth rollins and his rumored encounter with cody rhodes has attracted a lot of attention, among those who still do not have a job to Wrestlemania, there is another Superstar looking for a fight in the great event. Is about omoswho since separating from A.J. Styles, has finished with everything that has been put in front of him; However, it is Styles himself who already has a dream match planned against Edge in less than two weeks.

Omos – WWE Raw

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Precisely, the situation of the giant Omos, who despite receiving a great boost it seems that it is getting stuck in a “stalemate” with inconsequential rivalries; however, there are signs that the situation will gradually clear up.

A few hours ago it was reported that Omos will indeed be at WrestleMania. Wrestlevotes indicated that the identity of his opponent “could guess some people”, but that It is neither about Veer Mahaan (who still does not appear despite all the vignettes) nor about Cody Rhodes.

«Some sources establish that, until now, Omos will have a heads-up at Wrestlemania. And his opponent might surprise some people…. It’s not Ver. Not Cody just in case.”

Minutes later, we were able to contrast this information with an additional report from Fightful Select which stated that Omos’ mystery opponent for WrestleMania would be Bobby Lashley. The former WWE Champion was absent from Elimination Chamber in February due to injury, which he was expected to miss up to four months of action.

At this point, we do not know if The All Mighty already has a medical clearance to compete, but it is possible that Lashley have decided to delay surgery on your shoulder to be present at WrestleMania. It would be the only possible explanation so that he could, to this day, reveal himself as the possible opponent of Omos.

Bobby Lashley - WWE Raw
Bobby Lashley – WWE Raw

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Omos would already have a rival scheduled for WrestleMania 38 | Superfights