Nikki Cross cries with excitement for her fight at SummerSlam | Planet Wrestling

Tonight we will experience the hottest event of the summer in the wrestling industry. Also, one of the great fights that we are going to witness is the defense for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Nikki Cross is excited about her participation in SummerSlam

The current RAW Women’s Champion is scheduled for her title defense in a triple threat, this being her first career singles match within WWE at SummerSlam. Today is a very special day for the Irish fighter since this fight is very important for her career. Even having Nikki Cross come out tonight as victorious and still RAW Women’s Champion would have a huge impact on the fans.

Also, during a video uploaded by WWE itself we have seen how Nikki Cross cries with emotion when she sees the ring and the entire stadium where SummerSlam will be held. This is due to the great evolution that he has had within his time in WWE, since in his solo step he has not achieved something outstanding on the main roster. And in WWE SummerSlam 2019, she was able to participate for the first time in the ppv within the kick-off, but in the women’s division in pairs.

The current RAW Women’s Champion is really a very good fighter inside the ring, as this has been shown both within NXT and in other opportunities that allowed her on the main roster. Hopefully she has a great performance tonight as she is a person who has tried hard to get this moment and it is more than deserved for her.

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