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A few hours ago we had the former NXT fighter, Franky Monet giving his first words after his dismissal from the company by Vince McMahon. However, she has not been the only one to do so because Nia Jax also decided to clarify this entire controversial situation after her dismissal.

Nia Jax releases heartbreaking statement on her dismissal

Since last night there have been endless rumors and information about the real reason for the dismissal of the former RAW Women’s Champion. Also, after several hours of the news passed, Nia Jax decided to give her statements giving a full context of her situation in the company and the discomfort in her mental health that she was having in WWE.

“I normally keep my personal life private, but yesterday’s reports leave me no choice but to clear things up. I recently took a brief leave from WWE for a mental break. I have been working on many things, more than I can share, so I took some time, with the full support of the company, to take care of myself.

Earlier this week, after WWE sent me my schedule to return to the ring for the show on November 15, but I asked for an extension of my mental health break. because he felt that he needed more time and hoped that he would continue to have the support of the company.

I have given it my all in these last 7 years, but I did not receive any response. Also, the next thing I heard was that they released me without mentioning my vaccination status and they didn’t give me any options either. It breaks my heart that they let me go so abruptly, without consulting, with how many things I deal in private. I loved my WWE career, I love the men and women I work with there, but I will need time to process this great loss. I appreciate the people who showed understanding and compassion during an incredibly difficult time. ”

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Nia Jax devastated after her dismissal from WWE – Planeta Wrestling