News on the selection of wrestlers for the WWE Draft

The new Raw and SmackDown rosters will begin to activate on October 22 after a new edition of the Draft ended last Monday. has been able to advance in exclusive details about how the selection process was and the tempos with which WWE would have acted to notify its fighters.

As confirmed by journalist Sean Ross Sapp, only some selected fighters knew where in which brand they were going to land the day before from the beginning of the Draft. The president of the company, Vince McMahon, and several executives were in charge of calling these superstars whose identity has not been revealed.

The unpredictability was also present in the Draft: numerous fighters who were announced on Monday did not know where they would end Nor did they know their plans until hours before the Monday Night Raw show. This disrupted travel plans for some wrestlers who were on the SmackDown show at the beginning of the Draft, and then had to travel to the second program.

Those who also had an uneasy situation were many NXT fighters, and many of them were prevented in case they could have a promotion to the main roster, Ross Sapp has confirmed. WWE did not decide until the last moment which wrestlers of the brand were going to upload.

In fact, as the journalist confirms, some were not informed until after the draft began that they would not be drafted to the roster, others found out what will follow and will have new names, while others were prepared for television, but confirmed that they had to go through the third WWE mark first.

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